eHealth Digital Media Ltd is working hard creating content about exercising with Type 1 diabetes, sick day rules and keenly awaits initial data from a clinical trial being run in Aberystwyth University to see the effect of watching films on the self-management of patients undergoing pulmonary rehabilitation. A film has just been delivered to the All Wales Therapeutics and Toxicology Centre to help patients understand how to access new medicines. Preview soon!

Latest Films

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Wellbeing –
Moving On

Patients share their self-management techniques – ideal to prescribe to a patient waiting to see a counsellor.

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Diabetes –
What can I eat?

Patients watching our content about diabetes said “Yes, but what can we EAT?!” so we made two films with the Hywel Dda Clinical Lead Diabetes Dietitian and her team in response

The link between health literacy and health outcomes is well established but often is interpreted too narrowly – we think – as simply being about giving patients information. If you want to motivate and empower patients you need to do more than that.

PocketMedic is our big idea and it uses technology to allow primary, secondary and community based clinicians to deliver graphically illustrated, personal film-based prescriptions that engage patients in their own health outcomes and promote positive, behavioural change.

We have evaluated the effectiveness of films films helping patients understand more about self-management of diabetes with Swansea University School of Medicine.  Initial data shows that patients who have watched the first series of films have improved clinical markers for blood glucose control (an average of 9mmol/mol improvement in HbA1c).  See NEWS for one of our press releases.

And we do more… we work with organisations to help them transform the thinking of clients and staff.  We help organisations explain what they do… we help share big and complex ideas and influence thinking and behaviour.